Events During  Tribulation in the first 3 ½ Years

Twenty-four Elders {described as a sea of glass means- people with glorified bodies} who are Old Testament saints, worship God at the throne along with four living creatures and other angels.  – Rev 4:1-11


1] Now, God is holding in His right hand, a scroll sealed with seven seals and an angel is challenging anyone who is worthy to come and open the scroll. – Rev 5: 1-4.  


The appearance of Jesus as the Lamb and the Lion of Judah, to open the scroll, as no one else was found worthy to open it. – Rev 5:5-7

All the elders and four living creatures along with numerous holy angels worshiped Jesus, for His worthiness. – Rev 5:8-14.


 2] The First Seal : The Conqueror.  [ Rev 6:1-2], False Christs [ Mt 24:4-5].



  • Jesus allows Antichrist to be released and to set out to conquer the earth.

The Antichrist will make a peace covenant {treaty} of Seven years with Israel and its enemy. – Dan 9:27, Dan 12:11-12, Rev 13:5, Dan 7:25c, Rev 11:2-3.

  • The Antichrist will initially rise to power {crown} on peace {white}.

Antichrist who is called ‘Beast of the Sea’ will be assisted by the ‘Beast of the Earth’ who is the False Prophet.  – Rev 13:11-13

  • Antichrist will have a ten nation confederacy along with him. – Dan 7:24, Rev 13:1


3] Jewish Temple is rebuilt.  [NOTE:   SEE TEACHING ON –‘3RD JEWISH TEMPLE’ ]



 4]  The Second Seal. : The Conflict on the Earth  [ Rev 6:3-4], Wars [ Mt 24:6-7]     



  • Antichrist will be allowed to take peace, away from the earth and cause many to kill one another.
  • Red indicates War. The Antichrist will have to subdue three nations who may not be willing to go under his rule. – Dan 7:24 b, Dan 7:8
  • The Conventional War of the Tribulation — Revelation 6

    The book of Revelation states that a major world war will break out soon after the Tribulation begins. This war is described in Revelation 6.

    Although the Antichrist will rise to world power in Europe through cunning, deception, and intrigue (Daniel 8:23), he will have to resort to military power to conquer the world.

Asia, Africa, and South America have spent too long casting off the shackles of European colonialism for them to suddenly surrender their sovereignty peacefully to a new European dictator — regardless of how brilliant and charismatic he may be.

We are told in Revelation 13:7 that the Antichrist will ultimately achieve “authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.” This authority will be achieved through war. Revelation 6 records the outbreak of this world war.

The War of Psalm 83 results in the destruction of the inner ring of Muslim states around Israel. The War of Ezekiel 38 and 39 produces the defeat of the immediate outer ring of Muslim states.

But the vast majority of all Muslims live outside the Middle East.Total 38% [60.8 Crores] IN MIDDLE EAST..NOTE:[ Total Worlds Muslim Population In 2016 Is 160 Crores]

Inner Circle Of Israel [Arab Countries].Has Only 32 Crores (20%),Outer Circle Of Israel [Iran And Others] Has Only 28.8 Crores(18%)

Around 62% Of The World’s Muslims Live In South And Southeast Asia.

Indonesia Has 20.32 Crores (12.7%), Pakistan Has 17.6 Crores (11.0%),India Has 17.44 Crores (10.9%),Bangladesh Has 14.72 Crores (9.2%).AND Other Nations Combined  Has 29.12 Crores (18.2%). SO A-Total 62% [99.2 Crores] of muslims live outside middle east.

These nations are the ones who are most likely to produce the strongest resistance to a Western, non-Muslim dictator, and they will be destroyed either in this war or the one that follows it. It results in the death of one-fourth of humanity, or 150 cr in today’s terms (Revelation 6:8). This will happen in the 4th seal.
In other words, I believe God is going to use the Antichrist as His hammer of wrath to destroy Islam.


5] The Third Seal : Scarcity on Earth  [Rev 6:5-6], Famines [ Mt 24:7]



  • Black represents the result of the War –Famine, diseases and food shortages.
  • The Antichrist will cause slave-labors conditions to exist where people will be working for minimum pay just to be able to buy enough food for a day, but the rich and affluent will still have their rich lifestyle.

The Mid- Point of 70TH Week

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